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Patricia speaks English and is consciously willing to share her passion, born from professional experience in hospitals and personal life.

Seduced by the approach of bioenergetics while consulting Jean-Claude Kaye, Patricia started with two years of training in geobiology, bio-energetics and Feng-Shui (2003 – 2004) Kaye teaches at his private school in Nivelles. In 2005, she followed many advanced seminaries, which were based on research and the latest improvements in this matter.

From 2005 till today, Patricia kept documenting herself while participating in numerous classes, seminaries and health conferences.  With lots of interest she attended the seminary on the evolution of illnesses by Josie Kromer (translator of the reknown  Doctor Hamer, who studied the relationship between organic and psychic illnesses)  in conjunction with Doctor Robert Guinée, author of the book «Illnesses, the memory of evolution».

Next, she took the Scientific Aromatherapy, Level 1 taught by Dominique Baudoux, pharmaceutical doctor in Aromatology and research, director of the international college of Aromatherapy in Ghislenghien (www.college-aromatherapie.com), followed by Level 2 in Aromatherapy consisting of many domains from which she has selected the following :



Yoga Studio
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Hot Stone Massage.
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Huiles essentielles
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  • pediatrics specialty,
  • dermatology,
  • gynecology,
  • olfactotherapy,
  • aromatic reflexology,

the professional module on aesthetic aromatherapy given by Julien Kaibeck (Communication and development manager in dermo-cosmetics of Pranarom products). See also www.lessentieldejulien.com.

Her orientation clearly becomes a fact while discovering the relationship between energetics and aromatherapy thru «phyto-energetics» which consists in using essential oils on energetic meridians zones, just like acupuncture needles, to rebalance the frequency of an unbalanced area.
She complemented this subject matter in 2010 while attending the “1st level of Chinese Medicine and massages” given by  Manuel Hita Cortes, who is a licensed physiotherapist, Doctor in Chinese  Medicine (graduated in China) and teacher at the ALTHA  Academy (Académie Luxembourgeoise des Thérapies Harmonisantes : www.altha.lu)

She still regularly participates in a series of  workshops:  creation of perfumes, natural beauty, aromatic massages, initiation to Ayruveda and foot massage with Kansu bowl, Indian Abhyanga massage , creation of natural cosmetics (www.eveilnissa.com),  as well as participating in private massage classes given by therapists and training centers ( i.e. www.08h10.be Self-help Jin Shin Jyutsu workshop;  www.behappy-bien-etre.be ; www.pranacenter.eu …)

In 2015, she signed up for a series of Webinars on a variety of subjects like Healthy
Nutrition with Naturacoach and Naturacook, Traditional Chinese Medicine with Patrick Ledrappier, hormonal body types with Dr. Eric Berg, personal development and coaching (Jean-Luc DeWachter, Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur...)
among many others. It is during this year that she also puts into practice the good advice provided by Thierry Casasnovas of the regenere.org site..

In November 2015, Patricia's dream became a reality as she graduated with Highest Distinction (90%) in Naturopathy inspired by the renouned Irène Grosjean.

2016 will be dedicated to Naturopathy, coaching in illnesses prevention, to assist customers in finding health, well-being and energy.

2017-2018: Always looking for improvement, Patricia trains with big names in Coaching as David Lefrançois. She avidly follows the motivational videos of Anthony Robbins, the coach of the greatest, and puts in place strategies for improving his own life.