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Health / Well being / Naturopathy

 What do we offer?

 Natur'Essence also offers:

  • Hot stones Massages
  • Circulation Massage for legs, Cellulites-reducing massage
  • Foot massage following the principles of reflexology
  • Assisted Relaxation (+ subconscious listening and mind booster)


  • Assistance to quit smoking, lose weight, tiredness…
  • Evaluation of the energetic Ting points and re-harmonization by  stipunctor (color light frequency), essential oils and/or reflexology.
  • Power Step Plus (oscillating and vibrating platform)
  • Natural cosmetic workshops
  • Sale of natural cosmetics and food complements
  • Sale of essential oils and diffusers.

 Why are we going beyond?

An evaluation will allow us to determine your needs in order to provide utmost well-being and the necessary energy to manage your daily constraints.
The type of massage will depend on your needs, it is not a standard massage.
The choice of essential oils will be made taking into account their energetic values and various personal settings.
Applied to specific areas, they quickly penetrate into the pores of your skin and their benefits will be felt as soon as you exit the cabin.
The massage is done in a Feng-Shui atmosphere in which all your senses will be awakened.

  A must try!!!

Essential oils are 100% pure, natural, integral and botanically defined



Yoga Studio
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Hot Stone Massage.
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Huiles essentielles
100% pure, and natural essential oils.
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