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Health / Well being / Naturopathy


As you are entering Natur’Essence, our wish is to give you a sense of immediate relaxation using a multi-disciplinary approach. We listen to your needs in a warm environment, bathed with relaxing fragrances, candles and color-lights,  in order to personalize and optimize our service to you.


Ensuring your well being is also ensuring you feel better and in better health. A combination of soft methods with pure natural products, contribute to maximizing a long-term feeling of well being.   Therefore, we work exclusively with laboratories that have a line of conduct corresponding to our ethics.

Pranarôm : www.pranarom.be

BioHolistic Diffusion: www.bioholistic.be

Laboratoire Fenioux : www.laboratoires-fenioux.fr




Yoga Studio
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Hot Stone Massage.
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Huiles essentielles
100% pure, and natural essential oils.
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