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What are the benefits of an infra red cabin?
abine Infrarouge

For your skin

For your muscles and joints

Additional effects





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For your skin:


Increases the blood circulation and metabolism
Increases the oxygen intake and open up the pores
Evacuates toxins and dissolves fat and cholesterol excesses
Decreases cellulites and the skin-aging process
Improves the affects of acne, psoriasis and eczema

Improves the healing process




 For your muscles and joints:


Preventive action and warming up prior to any sport
Improves your potential for physical efforts
Improves the healing process of muscular or other injuries
Provides a well-being for aching or injured muscles
Ideal prior to any massage as it relaxes and elongates muscles prior to their manipulation
Treatment of shoulder stiffness, tennis elbow, inflammation of the joints and tendons (including ischial)

Provides relief in case of rheumatism, gout, hernia, fibromyalgia, etc…




Additional effects:


Improves blood circulation
Increases the red and white cells
Increases your defense system and resistance capabilities
Efficient against an access of fatigue or stress
Reduces certain types of headaches
Improves burning of calories
Improves renal function
The heat of infra red radiation has the following interesting therapeutic effects:

  • Increases the possibility of extension of collagenous tissues

-Tissues heated at 45 degrees Celsius, increase in length when stretched
-This is more so beneficial when ligaments, joint capsules; tendons; tendons and synovial membrane with scars have become thicker or contracted
2. It has a direct effect in suppressing the stiffness in the joints

  • It increases perfusion
  • It helps in removing infected infiltration, oedema and exudates
  • It has recently been used in the cancer therapy

In an infra red cabin, the atmosphere is very  enjoyable (35 to 55 degrees Celsius) and you won’t have any respiratory problem.
The infra red lights provide a lot of heat in the skin that prevents the proper corporal heat to leave the body. The only way for the body to evacuate the heat is to perspire abundantly.
Perspiration is not only the fact to open up the glands and thus allowing moisture droplets to evaporate. There is a lot of side activity going on at the same time, i.e. dilating blood vessels and increasing the richly oxygenated blood supply to the skin.
This generates two important effects:

  • The ferments are transported from the lymph to the sweat glands
The dermal cells get more oxygen and thus a set quantity of toxins is being evacuated. In short, the increased perfusion ensures a ‘spring cleaning’ of the cells and tissues.