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Health / Well being / Naturopathy

Quitting smoking, other drugs; or stress and pain reduction

Natur-Essence will give you the tools to end your impulses and let your “will” take control.


This is done in four stages:

1. Mind Booster - Touches several mind settings like the so-called ‘alpha’ or ‘thêta’, associated with relaxation or a sense of well-being.  They are a way to combat stress, to boost treatment of data, increase energy, concentration, but moreover to boost subconscious listening media and maintaining the subject in the appropriate conscience level to take action at the second stage hereafter

2. Listening to our recorded suggestions and psycho-medicine recordings (unfortunately in French Language only) on the following themes: quitting tobacco, back pain, bulimia, stress, pain …. These recordings are a very strong psychological aid and a relaxing moment to lessen our problems.


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Hot Stone Massage.
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Huiles essentielles
100% pure, and natural essential oils.
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3. Olfactotherapy: Smells are associated with emotions. Using the smell of essential oils to liberate recurring negative behaviors (smoking, alcohol, stress;, bulimia…) make it easier to get rid of these behaviors by associating these smells with a state of modified consciousness and the psycho-medical suggestions.

4. Acupuncture Points Stimulation: With a “light crayon” generating  blue, red or white high quality luminosity, the acupuncture points of anti-tobacco, anti-stress and anti-pain are being stimulated favourably.